Life is a playing ground for me. I am sure you are wondering where that came from and I know some of you would disagree with me. I have seen and heard from people how terrible life has treated them, blablabla…  I admit that I have also had my rough and tough edges but I resolved a very long time ago that I wasn’t going to allow this entity called ‘Life’ play a fast one on me.

I am the second child and only son in the family of five children. While waiting for my  admission letter into the university, I decided to utilize my time by going into skill acquisition such as tye and dye, liquid soap, insecticide and even basket weaving. I also did other petty stuff that fetched me money then. I won’t also forget to mention the barter business I and my siblings were doing together, where we usually use an item to exchange another.  All that paid off in the long run.


So the pressure is on! Pressure to look good, dress good, talk big, and act big. But have we ever stopped to ask ourselves just who is lighting this fire under us? How can an intangible and psychological force be so strong as to make grown adults act like kindergarten pupils?


Olu has been a long time friend of ours. He knows that we tease him a lot for his penchant for swearing and cursing over anything and everything. Get into an argument with him and he will try to let you know how factual his own opinion is by first swearing with his father and mother.

“I swear by my father and my mother that I was there when the man was biting the dog. You needed to see.” Olu would insist.


For anyone with some level of learning, ‘Russia’ cannot be a strange word. That is the East European nation that was the head of the Soviet Republics in the days of communism. All that is history now. Russia is a country on its own.

So you know the Russians. I mean the real people of Russia. But the pronunciation of that word is in direct clash with another local coinage called ‘rushians’–the impatient ones among us who are always in a rush. Our rushians must jump the queue, no matter the situation.