For anyone with some level of learning, ‘Russia’ cannot be a strange word. That is the East European nation that was the head of the Soviet Republics in the days of communism. All that is history now. Russia is a country on its own.

So you know the Russians. I mean the real people of Russia. But the pronunciation of that word is in direct clash with another local coinage called ‘rushians’–the impatient ones among us who are always in a rush. Our rushians must jump the queue, no matter the situation. Yes!  to enter the bus, to get on a plane, to pay for items picked in supermarkets, to get some food into their plates at buffet. Behind the wheels, they are kings of the road. In tense traffic situations they take one way or face the traffic in the opposite direction and compound the problem. They are the only ones perpetually in a hurry. Others are on leisure drive.

Were you around in the era of WAI? I mean the Buhari/Idiagbon period 1983/84? The rushians were held in check. War Against Indiscipline put them out of action. Queue culture started in all public places and we were getting used to it anyway.

As soon as someone else took over power in Nigeria from the duo, the rushians resumed their trade. The gains of orderliness was lost in the successor of WAI called MAMSER, whatever that meant!

The queues I see at BRT bus stops in Lagos these days remind me of WAI. This is not to say that some shameless rushians have not been bullying their way to the head of the lines.

Do we need a law like the Lagos traffic law in every aspect of our lives to beat the rushians    into line?