Olu has been a long time friend of ours. He knows that we tease him a lot for his penchant for swearing and cursing over anything and everything. Get into an argument with him and he will try to let you know how factual his own opinion is by first swearing with his father and mother.

“I swear by my father and my mother that I was there when the man was biting the dog. You needed to see.” Olu would insist.

Olu, Olu, are you sure of what you are saying? We always queried him. Before you blink,our friend will swear in the name of God! “I swear to God.” Indomitable Olu!

Venture to disagree with him; he will curse you, jokingly though.

I think that there is a bit of Olu in all of us.

Why do we have to swear to underscore the point we are making?

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