Life is a playing ground for me. I am sure you are wondering where that came from and I know some of you would disagree with me. I have seen and heard from people how terrible life has treated them, blablabla…  I admit that I have also had my rough and tough edges but I resolved a very long time ago that I wasn’t going to allow this entity called ‘Life’ play a fast one on me.

I am the second child and only son in the family of five children. While waiting for my  admission letter into the university, I decided to utilize my time by going into skill acquisition such as tye and dye, liquid soap, insecticide and even basket weaving. I also did other petty stuff that fetched me money then. I won’t also forget to mention the barter business I and my siblings were doing together, where we usually use an item to exchange another.  All that paid off in the long run.

I went through school without much ado. My ‘business’ was booming. I didn’t rely on my parents that much. Besides, they were retired so they were grateful. And with all the promises I got from my uncles and friends while I was serving, I believed that it won’t be difficult getting a well paid job afterward.

Three years down the line, I was still carrying my sweat –stained file which contained my credentials around town.  In fact, it was my companion for years. All the promises of wonderful jobs from uncles and friends were gone. Did I even see any of them? Hmmm! I gave up on calling a long time ago after I had called severally without favorable answer.

After my several attempts to secure a job failed, I started making and selling liquid soap, air freshener and insecticide. It wasn’t paying much. However, it kept food on my table and I had my retired parents and siblings to take care of.

It wasn’t difficult getting my products into homes, shops, restaurants and salons. I have always had a way with women; so it was easy for me to get their attention. I was making money but the responsibilities at home were taking their toll on me. I knew I had to either get another job or expand my business. The latter was my best choice; but where is the capital?

It wasn’t long before rescue came my way. Was I happy or grateful…?

I had gone on this faithful day to deliver three bottles of insecticide to a customer who had requested for it.  I had delivered it and was about to leave when the woman pulled at my shirt. I was surprised and of course afraid, I thought I had offended her. But to my greatest disbelieve she went on and on about how much she wanted me and she was going to bring me up the ladder… this was a woman who is almost twice my age one of the shakers of the society…

Did I accept her proposal? Your guess is as good as mine. And that marked my journey into the world of ‘jigolos’

Are you still asking if it is right or wrong? Haba! I have to live life. I have to be strong for my family and stand where my mates are too. Then again, give a voice to issues when I am called upon (definitely, I would always be called) because society reckons with me.

Personally, why don’t we just do ‘all’ it will take to achieve ‘all’ in this ‘life’? So many questions about life; but why do we keep struggling? We have the mind and the ability (I mean, all it takes) to make progress but the drive is missing. Where is your drive? Has it been misplaced? Do you have it but have decided not to make use of it? Do you feel like you don’t want to be driven?


Harriet Parkinson