Where is your drive?
Life is a playing ground for me. I am sure you are wondering where that came from and I know some of you would disagree with me. I have seen and heard from people how terrible life has treated them, blablabla… I admit that I have also had my rough and tough edges but I resolved a very long time ago that I wasn’t going to allow this entity called ‘Life’ play a fast one on me.
I am the second child and only son in the family of five children. While waiting for my admission letter into the university, I decided to utilize my time by going into skill acquisition such as tye and dye, liquid soap, insecticide and even basket weaving. I also did other petty stuff that fetched me money then.


Hello people, Am a single, fun loving babe, living my life to the fullest and I drive a second hand- SUV.
When I was going to buy my ride, I thought of many things most importantly the basic functionality of my buying it, for some I wanted to be like the JONESES who drive round town feeling hip with their rides.
But for me, buying the car was to enable me commute freely and with less stress as it is with the life of a typical Lagosian.


Hey, hello. How are you?
Eh, fine thank you. Sorry have we met? Can’t just place the face.

Have you ever found yourself greeting someone you know in public and getting this?

Sometimes it happens repeatedly.


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Welcome back!

Well I am assuming you spent most of the last three months away. Away abroad either in the UK or in America. Okay lets add Dubai.

I am also assuming that like most of those that travelled you are now broke, scraping to pay bills and make ends meet. But that is beside the point. The point is that “you have arrived” and no matter what it takes, you will fly out abroad for fevered shopping and fast food and return with your vacation tales!